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A book of illustrations with universal appeal about the love between a kid and their mother – funny, touching, celebratory.

Why I Love My Mum celebrates the ageless, timeless bond between a child and their mother, in a neatly sized illustrated hardback that makes the perfect gift. Through all kinds of familiar scenarios, illustrator Rob Stears brings his unique style to bear on the subject – wickedly funny yet always tender – as he takes us through the child/mother relationship, via the generations. From first teeth to scaring away the bogeyman, through coming-of-age moments in life and on to the new appreciation parenthood brings for our own mothers, this is a book that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, making even the most challenging moments of parenthood feel just a little bit less daunting – and a lot funnier.


A hilarious look at the evolution of a nation, from the bestselling author of Why I Love My Mum

Popular illustrator Rob Stears looks at the habits of the Irish culture, and portrays the ways we’ve changed since the ‘old days’ – when coffee drinking was a spoon of instant, directions were a magical mystery tour, and age 18 was a reasonable time to move out of the family home. From politics to entertainment, from food and drink to trends and hobbies, In My Day also celebrates those things that remain the same through time – such as our steadfast belief in the magical healing qualities of 7Up!

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Smile as you write and build resilience with this fun illustrated journal.

Whether faced with big changes or a mere bump in the road – When Life gives You Lemons is the perfect ‘spoon full of sugar’ to help you work through life’s challenges. Build resilience and journal with a smile. Contains 10 illustrations by Rob Stears to bring a smile. 120 pages for writing and doodling. This A5 journal offers both young and old the opportunity to work through transformations and challenges with a smile.

Write your achievements. Draw your dreams. Set your goals. Doodle your ideas. And smile…

Rob Stears is a talented illustrator and author from Dublin. His first two illustrated books, “Why I Love My Mum” and “In My Day: Ireland Then and Now” were published in 2017.

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